About Us


It is an on-line store which offers furniture, lighting and decor made in Italy.
FeelDesign originates from the union of the taste and the passion of a group of people engaged in the research and offer of high quality products for the best daily life.
The competences accrued in the field of furniture and consumer electronics are combined to the experience of pursuing an improved customer service management.
The web site FeelDesign.com is property of the company I2W S.r.l.

Who is I2W S.r.l.?

It is a company which exclusively exercises the activity of e-commerce (commerce through the Web) of goods for  functioning and furnishing of houses and offices.
All information on the web site www.feeldesign.com constitutes commercial communication and are related by I2W S.r.l. and in its exclusive interest.

I2W S.r.l. is a commercial company headquartered in Italy with the following identification:
National Insurance Number and VAT registration number to the Register of Companies of Florence: 06333730486
Number of registration: R.E.A.: FI – 619749
Registered and operating office: Via Antonio d’Orso, 13 – 50135 Florence
Hosting portal of the web site: Seeweb S.r.l. headquartered in Italy


Telephone number: (+39) 055 611 662  (Monday-Friday  9:00-13:00 / 14:00-17:30)
Fax number: (+39) 055 612 3179
E-mail address: backoffice@i2Wsrl.com

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