Scandola Nuovo mondo GN

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Scandola Nuovo mondo GN 02
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100% Made in Italy

Steel and white chalk: finishes protagonists in this kitchen which includes a long island opposed to a work area with base and wall satin glass doors. On the bottom of the pantry / fridge full height. Central Island along the steel floor houses the stove with burners in line flush plan. Above them a more elegant and functional steel hood with asymmetrical fireplace and LED lights to illuminate the surface below.

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Product details
Drawers and columns are equipped in various ways, customized to the taste and needs. Plank grooved and fitted beech wood with grooves to accommodate cutlery and utensils. Plank carved trays, made of beech wood, to store knives and cutlery. thermoformed plastic dashboard tool common kitchen. Beech bottom drawer can be equipped in various ways to store pots and pans. Bottom drawer in beech wood with slots for storing dishes. dashboard equipped with routing operations designed to store cans. removable gear steel to customize columns / pantry.
Materials and construction
Structures (sides, top, base, plans) of the furniture made in solid fir, thickness 3 or 4 cm with knots. Interior items (shelves) made solid thickness 1.7 cm Fir with knots. Doors made of 2.6 cm thick massive spruce free from knots (on request you can have nodes). The doors are painted disassembled in order to ensure, despite the natural movement of the wood, which does not appear signs unpainted. All doors fitted hinges amortized Blum. Drawers: front in thickness of 2.6 cm Solid spruce free from knots (on request can have nodes). Interior drawer three sides fully bleached birch plywood finish. The bottom is made of multi-layer thickness 6 mm. All drawers mountain guides amortized Blum. Shelves made of solid Fir sp. 3 cm with knots. Frames made of solid Fir sp. 7,8 and 5 cm with knots. Backs of furniture made using plywood 6 mm thick. The visible backs are veneered plywood Spruce. The glue used in the production process is glue to "D3" type aqueous base according to UNI EN 204-205 non-toxic for humans and for the environment. The furniture is assembled using beech wood plugs and metal parts.
All finishes are made using environmentally friendly water-based paint, non-toxic to humans and the environment, obtained with natural components that enhance the beauty of the wood to ensure high mechanical and chemical resistance and good lightfastness. Comply with current regulations regarding air emissions in the painting stage of the product. On request, can conform to the rules for the children's toys finishing (European standard EN 71-3). The finishes of the band 3 and 4 are brushed. The brushing consists in a process that brings out the grain of the wood. It is performed on all exterior parts. The finishes of the band 4 are antique or talc only outside. Furniture can undergo color changes over time minor being the wood itself photosensitive natural material.
The glue used in the production process is glue to "D3" type aqueous base according to UNI EN 204-205 non-toxic for humans and for the environment. The product in solid wood, the glue water-based and water-based coatings provide and qualify mobile Scandola natural product both for humans and for the environment. In furniture of this production, it is not present any substance that is damaging to humans. All furniture Scandola have rounded edges and corners to ensure the least possible danger in using them.
Use and maintenance
Wood is a natural product and should be treated with care and attention. For proper maintenance avoid put anything wet for an extended time, sharp objects or sharp edges, pots or dishes removed from the fire and any other furnishings that can ruin the surface of the cabinet. For cleaning, use a damp cloth with water and mild soap or mild cleaning. A cleaner and proper regenerating are available at the Company Scandola.
Scandola Nuovo mondo GN 02

Scandola Nuovo mondo GN 02


Production time
5-6 weeks

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